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Paintless Dent Repair

The Dent Guys

offers Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved paintless hail damage repair for aircraft.
This unique process does away with traditional replacement and painting of damaged sheet metal. All PDR work is supervised by a licensed A&P mechanic. The value offered in this type of repair can save thousands and reduce downtime all while providing a superior repair.

The Dent Guys

have been saving customers time and money with paintless dent removal since 1999 in the automotive industry and since have adapted these special skills and tools to aviation.
Using very similar tools and techniques as we do in automotive PDR, our technicians carefully gain access to aircraft components and masterfully remove dents without damaging the paint or airframe.

Our technicians then use special light boards to "read" the dent from the outside of the panel. We then work the dent up from the inside using specialty tools to overcome all the unique challenges presented with the designs of different aircrafts. Since the factory skins are being repaired, not replaced, opening up of the affected areas are kept to a very small minimum and we eliminate the need of an alignment jig. Because there are no hazardous chemicals or wastes produced with this technique, like traditional filler and paint repairs, paintless dent repair for aircrafts is also an environmentally friendly solution.
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