What You Should Know

Before Attempting DIY Dent Repair

From plungers, to hair dryers, and “As Seen On TV” kits.
There have been numerous methods of DIY dent removal techniques. We have all seen each one of them.
These videos make the PDR process seem relatively effortless, but what they don’t tell you are the downsides of these at home repairs.

"As Seen On TV" Kits

While these kits may appear to be the easier or cheaper route, they do not insure the work done on your vehicle. If the kit does not work, not only did you just waste money on the kit, but now you have to spend MORE money getting it repaired. Also, if the kit isn’t used correctly, the damage may worsen; again, causing you to spend more money.

Possible Paint Damage

One of the issues we’ve seen with DIY dent repair attempts, is paint damage. Tools that use suction to remove dents may stick to the car, causing damage to the paint. Other tools, if not used properly, may crack or chip the paint. Now a dent that could have originally been fixed quickly by a PDR technician, must be sanded, buffed, and painted, which is a much longer and more expensive process. All in all, any damage to the paint of a vehicle increases the cost of repair, even if it is just a minor touch up.

Overlooking Structural Damage

Another major issue with at home repairs is the possibility of overlooking damage underneath the dent. Most cars have foam backing on metal body parts to absorb some of the impact from a collision, especially in bumpers. Any damage in this area should be tended to by a professional. If the structural damage isn’t fixed, the destruction of a collision can be more serious than it would have been if repaired correctly.

Depreciating the Value of Your Car

Professionally removing a dent brings a vehicle back to its original condition, which returns the vehicle to its original value as well. If not repaired professionally, the value will most likely decrease.
More often than not, unprofessional dent removal does not go undetected; either reflections on the car body will look “wavy”, or the dent isn’t completely removed. There are many telltale signs of a bad dent repair job; all of which decrease the value of a vehicle. This may affect you when trying to sell or trade in a car with dents that were not removed by a trained technician.


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